Which One is Good for Hidden Wiki: TOR, Proxy, or VPN

There are many different ways to access the Hidden Wiki. As it is known, you need to stay safe when accessing the uncensored Hidden Wiki. At the same time, staying anonymous is also what you need to log in to TOR while browsing the Deep Web. In our article ”Which One is Good for Hidden Wiki: TOR, Proxy, or VPN”, we will talk about the differences between Proxy and VPN. At the same time, we will also explain the role of TOR in terms of security and anonymity.

What is a Proxy?

Simply put, a proxy is an interface unit that you use before connecting to a site with your computer. Your IP address remains confidential since web traffic is primarily sent to the Proxy server. In this way, you can access the blocked sites in your country via Proxy.

In general, it is possible to say that it is more useful to use Proxies for different purposes instead of anonymity. However, it will be enough to use a Proxy about the obstacles you need to overcome to gain access to the Hidden Wiki.

What is VPN?

Using a VPN means encrypting the traffic between the internet and your device. The Virtual Private Network, that is VPN, encrypts your information. It works fast simultaneously and offers a wide coverage area. So, there is a redirection between your entire device and the internet.

To have access to the Dark Web Hidden Wiki links, you need to download TOR and connect to TOR. At this stage, you can easily provide the necessary connection using a VPN.

The Differences Between Proxy and VPN

Proxy and VPN can be used to access the Hidden Wiki. However, as mentioned above, there are some differences between Proxy and VPN applications. These differences can be listed as follows:

A VPN is more functional for accessing categorized links faster after accessing the Hidden Wiki. However, the firewall offered by the TOR Project is enough for you to navigate the Hidden Wiki as you wish. For this reason, you need to use a Proxy or VPN until you get access to TOR.  Therefore, in our article ”Which One is Good for Hidden Wiki: TOR, Proxy, or VPN”, we focused on the differences between Proxy and VPN in general.

Which Should Be Preferred Between TOR Or VPN?

Many users use VPN or Proxy to guarantee themselves while browsing. In other words, they prefer the firewall provided by TOR and the Proxy or VPN simultaneously. If you are not going to provide your personal information, TOR is enough on its own.

The TOR Project is sufficient for staying anonymous when browsing the Deep Web. You can glance at other articles on our site to view our other useful content such as our “Which One is Good for Hidden Wiki: TOR, Proxy, or VPN” article.