The Best Onion Sites 2023

Sites with the “.onion” domain structure are the sites where you can browse completely anonymously. This domain structure is provided by TOR. Therefore, they suffer from any situation that exposes users’ identities, search frequency, or browsing. We describe these sites in our The Best Onion Sites 2023 list. The privileges offered by these site types are:

  • Block Trackers
  • Don’t store records of your browsing activity
  • Masks your IP address

The sites that you can access through the Tor Project are web pages that you can browse anonymously and without censorship. In the list of The Best Onion Sites 2023, the most useful sites on Tor are included.

The Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki

Uncensored Hidden Wiki is one of the most popular and useful sites available on the Tor Project. The Hidden Wiki front page allows you to log in to onion sites in different categories in a shorter time. At the same time, it is possible to provide access to the security settings that you can browse the Deep Web through the Hidden Wiki. Therefore, it is possible to explore the TOR Project by remaining anonymous through the Hidden Wiki.


Sci-Hub is very popular in “The Best Onion Sites 2023” list.

Just like the uncensored Hidden Wiki, Sci-Hub is one of the ways to download documents for free. Sci-Hub allows you to download articles written especially in scientific fields for free and there is a certain fee to access them.

Sci-Hub, where you can also browse articles without downloading, is one of the sites that must be entered by changing the IP address due to copyright infringement. For this reason, it is also one of the sites included in the TOR Project. Downloading documents from Sci-Hub may be illegal in your country of residence. For this reason, you can access it safely from the Dark Web.



You can use SecureDrop to send files or have files forwarded to you without leaving a trace of your IP address. One of the most important features of SecureDrop is that it also creates a public sharing space as a blog.

Wasabi Wallet

wasabi wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a method that guarantees you stay anonymous while performing your crypto transactions. This site, which is not free but very useful, has been developed to make it possible for you to shop on the Dark Web. For this reason, this site is on our The Best Onion Sites 2023 list.      

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