How the Hidden Wiki Became Part of The Dark Web?

The Hidden Wiki first started in 2007 and served as a gateway for TOR. Since the beginning of the Hidden Wiki, unlawful links have been included on the site. In 2011, links were added to the Hidden Wiki in areas that were not approved and tolerated much, especially on the Deep Web, and this caused the site to have to resist more cyber attacks. Because of that, it is important to answer the “How the Hidden Wiki become part of the Dark Web?” question.

After registering on the Hidden Wiki, it is possible to add links and make edits to the web page. Therefore, although the uncensored Hidden Wiki hosts all kinds of links that will be included in the scope of the Dark Web, these links are still added by content creators or users.

The Beginning of the Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a site that is between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. Today, it still creates a gate for the TOR Project. The Hidden Wiki front page design has almost the same design as when it was first installed.

Through Hidden Wiki, users can access a wide variety of “.onion” sites and various services for sale, called Hidden Services. Hidden Wiki is an extremely important address for many users, and the website, which was opened in 2007, gained its structure in 2011. Although it has been subjected to various cyber attacks since 2011, different versions have been produced just like a mutating virus, and have continued to exist until today. This situation is sufficient to answer the “How the Hidden Wiki became part of the Dark Web?”  question in general.

The Relation Between the Hidden Wiki and the Dark Web

Hidden Wiki is a site that varies as useful or “evil” depending on the user’s intended use. In other words, many users can download as many free articles as they want from the Hidden Wiki, do coding, and improve the Wiki if they want. However, if the user uses the Hidden Wiki as an intermediary for some illegal situations, this is not related to the Hidden Wiki.

It should not be forgotten that TOR and the Deep Web are uncensored, and being uncensored can turn into a space where everyone can do whatever they want and get their dark desires, as well as a space of freedom.

Although Dark Web Hidden Wiki links are an area that can be accessed directly from the Hidden Wiki, the Dark Web is much more. As a result, Hidden Wiki has been providing services in an uncensored way since its establishment.

Dark Web links are only among the links that it mediates. You can take a look at other articles on our site to access many interesting and informative content such as our “How the Hidden Wiki Became Part of The Dark Web?” article.