4 Steps to Finding the Hidden Wiki

As it is known, Hidden Wiki is one of the layers of the TOR Project. The Hidden Wiki front page is the first website searched after accessing the Deep Web. Finding the Hidden Wiki is quite simple. You only need to download and install TOR. There are also many methods to access currently Hidden Wiki addresses. In this article, we will recommend the safest way for you to access Hidden Wiki links. Here are 4 steps to finding the Hidden Wiki:

Download VPN

download vpn

To access Hidden Wiki, you must first be able to access TOR. You need to download a VPN program to your computer or phone. For this process, you can choose any VPN that seems reliable to you.

After downloading the VPN, log in to the VPN you downloaded. Many VPN apps have free versions. You can log in with your real e-mail address or any e-mail address. However, be careful to use an e-mail address that you have access to.

Download The TOR

tor project

Login to TOR’s original address using ordinary search engines. After you have access to this address, choose the most suitable download options for MAC, Windows, or Linux. Then the download will be completed.

Installation of TOR

install tor

After downloading TOR, follow the process that you need to follow, which is Step 3 of our 4 steps to finding the Hidden Wiki content: Performing the installation process of the TOR Project. It is enough for you to follow the installation steps that appear and successfully complete the installation and use TOR.

After these operations, try to access TOR with one of the bridge options that TOR will automatically assign. During the installation phase, which bridges you can use will appear as an option. So, choose one of them!

Search for “.onion” Links    

You can use the front page of thehiddenwikitor.org to find Hidden Wiki

After installing TOR, you need to access the Onion Hidden Wiki addresses. The safest way to find current Hidden Wiki links is to use TOR’s search engines. Browse any search engine and search for “.onion links” or “Hidden Wiki current link”.

After this process, various links will appear on your screen. You can find the original Hidden Wiki page by using domain names. As you can see, accessing the Hidden Wiki is that easy. As an alternative to our 4 steps to finding the Hidden Wiki content, you can use our website to discover other informative articles.      

Our front page is here: thehiddenwikitor.org