Top 10 Dark Web Search Engines

After accessing into TOR Project, all you have to do is explore the anonymous and uncensored internet. Just like the uncensored Hidden Wiki, many sites are web pages where you can search to use TOR most beneficially. Below is the list of the Top 10 Dark Web search engines that will allow you to browse the Internet without leaving a trace to discover the Dark Web:

The Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki

Onion Hidden Wiki links do not lead you to a search engine. However, Hidden Wiki lets you explore various sites and content categories just like a search engine. This way, you can have direct access to many great sites without the need to use a search engine. Moreover, the site links in Hidden Wiki are separated according to their categories.


Ahmia is in the Top 10 Dark Web Search Engines list.

Ahmia, which provides services to users through the TOR Project, is preferred by some users because it does not contain any abusive material. Therefore, it is ideal for users who do not want to view sensitive content if they search on the Dark Web.



One of the first names that come to mind when the Deep Web is mentioned is Duck Duck Go. This search engine allows its users to surf the Internet securely by providing a firewall. At the same time, Duck Duck Go is a priority on our TOP 10 Dark Web search engines list due to its influence.



Cliqz, the search engine that does not only provide services in TOR, aims to provide completely anonymous service. Cliqz, which is also mobile-friendly, has extensions within itself. Users can easily surf the internet by staying anonymous through Cliqz.



TORCH, which is preferred because it prevents web tracking, is a very old search engine. It offers users an experience that allows them to surf the web at high speed and completely uncensored. In this respect, TORCH, namely TOR + Search, is one of the best search engines still available.



Designed in a Germany-based manner, MetaGer is programmed with a motto that aims to remain anonymous and to make information free. MetaGer, which can be accessed not only via TOR but also through common ways, is a search engine that provides the Internet to be organized for the rights and advantage of users.



The search engine Searx, which adopts the concepts of anonymity and free internet, has an open-source structure. Thus, it provides services just like Hidden Wiki to internet users who use the Dark Web in the field of coding. It does not share personal user information about an IP address or browsing habits with third parties.


It is a search engine that is also available in the “Startpage. tor” version and does not use the search histories of users from both Google and TOR as data. aims to provide the advantages of confidential communication and uncensored internet use.

Not Evil

not evil

Not Evil, which indexes thousands of different sites in TOR and offers it to users, is a search engine that aims to purify the Dark Web of abusive themed content. It is possible to access Not Evil, which provides access to many “.onion” linked sites, through the TOR Project.



Another search engine within the TOR Project is Candle. This search engine is not designed to perform large-scale internet searches, but to search results practically. Moreover, some characters such as parentheses cannot be used in searches performed over Candle. So Candle is a good app for those who like searching fast.

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