The Best VPNs For The Hidden Wiki

As we are in the information age, we have access to any kind of knowledge that is explicit or hidden and dark. So if you’ve done any internet research on privacy, you’ve probably heard of the Dark Web Hidden Wiki links. The Hidden Wiki is a list of websites not included on the World Wide Web, so it should not be confused with Wikipedia. 

Hidden Wiki is a web page where anyone can edit, and it provides access to hidden uncensored sites’ links and other onion sites. We are sure that even reading so far has made you want to access those sites. Since it is expressly dedicated to fighting censorship, we will assist you in accessing the uncensored Hidden Wiki and finding the best VPNs for the Hidden Wiki. 

TOR Network (The Onion Router)

tor network
Tor Network is the most popular VPN in The Best VPNs for The Hidden Wiki list.

As it is known, you can’t access Dark Web via Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser that you are accustomed to. You must use Tor to browse the Hidden Wiki front page. 

Tor is a private network that encrypts your traffic and routes it through at least three servers to alter your IP address and hide your location by making it invisible or unreadable. 

So your first step should be downloading the Tor Browser which is a free program, to access the Hidden Wiki. You still should use a VPN in addition to the Tor browser even if Tor plays a defensive role on the Hidden Wiki. Without a VPN, identifiable information like your location may be leaked if you access the Dark Web. 

Express VPN

express vpn

One of the best VPNs for the Hidden Wiki is Express VPN. It guarantees top-notch security safeguards, fast download and upload times, and a rigorous no-logging rule. Most dark web users prefer Express Vpn as the best VPN for the Hidden Wiki.



Because of its security features, and absolute no-logs policy that ensures anonymity NordVPN is another ideal VPN for the Hidden Wiki. The only disadvantage of Nord VPN might be that it doesn’t have a free option, but it’s still affordable.



CyberGhost is another VPN preferred by many dark web users. While it is an ideal VPN with its speed and excellent security, it may not be preferred by Mac users since it offers fewer features for apple users. 



Surfshark VPN protection goes beyond what you need and provides protection in every area you may need while browsing the internet. The Hidden Wiki users can comfortably browse the dark web with Surfshark. The only con of Surfshark is that it doesn’t offer any free options.

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