Is the Hidden Wiki Dangerous?

Hidden Wiki is the most popular web page in the TOR Project. Since TOR is connected to the Deep and the Dark Web, the “Is the Hidden Wiki dangerous?” question may come to mind. But on the contrary, Hidden Wiki is one of the main resources that you can use to browse TOR more safely.

Although the Deep Web is a portal that allows you to remain anonymous, it is an area where dangerous situations can take place. The Hidden Wiki provides the necessary guidance so that you can use the Deep Web more securely.

Is the Hidden Wiki Related to the Dark Web?

The Hidden Wiki also provides links to pages that are likely to be classified as Dark Web. However, the pages included in the Hidden Wiki front page are the most preferred sites in various categories and are therefore assumed to be safe. Therefore, it can be said that Hidden Wiki is only a link provider in this situation.

What Are the Ways to Stay Safe on the Hidden Wiki?

hidden wiki access safely ways
You can access the Hidden Wiki safely in some ways.

What you need to do to stay safe in the uncensored Hidden Wiki is quite simple. It is necessary that you remember the purpose of the Hidden Wiki TOR addresses and follow the rule of anonymity. 

You don’t have to worry about answering the “Is the Hidden Wiki dangerous?” question. As we have mentioned in our other articles, the general internet usage rules apply when browsing Hidden Wiki and Hidden Wiki Dark Web links:

  • Do not download from sites you do not trust.
  • Do not provide your personal information.
  • Do not click on everything you find attractive.

Instead of the “Is the Hidden Wiki dangerous?“  question, try answering the “How to use Hidden Wiki TOR links safely?”  question. Here are 3 suggestions on the subject for you:

Remain Anonymous

Your IP address remains private while browsing in TOR, but it won’t work if you share your personal information. For this reason, always try to remain anonymous and avoid making purchases for as long as possible.

Using a VPN

The firewall provided by TOR protects users. However, if users do something that compromises their security, the firewall in question can be breached. For this reason, using a VPN as an extra will always provide an advantage.

Following Hidden Wiki Recommendations

Hidden Wiki aims to help you stay safe while at the same time providing an uncensored and free internet environment. For this reason, it contains security recommendations and site suggestions that may be useful for users. You can safely explore the ones in the categories you want from the site suggestions offered by the Hidden Wiki.           

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