How to Access TOR?

Although TOR is open to users, some countries have made it difficult for them to log in. Therefore, you need to change your location address to enter TOR or to install the TOR Project. For this reason, it can be said, “How to Access TOR?” the question can be answered by VPN way. Thanks to any VPN you trust, you can start the installation process of TOR.

How To Install TOR?

You can perform the TOR installation on the website. It will be enough for you to follow the installation wizard steps and complete the process you have done. In addition, the TOR bridge is located. 

Even if you have completed the installation, you have bridge options on each new connection. This means that you can use an address that you know or have in reserve as a hyperlink. If you don’t already have a hyperlink that you can use, you can automatically access the Onion Hidden Wiki address and more with the hyperlink that TOR already provides.

Is Access to TOR Safe?

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You learned “How to Access TOR?” So “Is TOR Project safety?”

TOR is an address for accessing an uncensored and more resource-rich version of the Internet. The biggest advantage is that it provides anonymity. So how does the TOR Project ensure your anonymity? Or do you become anonymous when you log in to TOR? Although you will be able to get the answer to these questions later in the article, it is possible to answer from the beginning: Yes, of course! 

TOR is just a tool for you to log in to the Hidden Wiki Front Page, also called the Dark Web. TOR itself and everything contained in it are created anonymously. For this reason, the TOR Project can provide you with a firewall and, of course, a VPN. Nevertheless, some users are actively using their VPN by guaranteeing their work, which is not a problem.

Tor & Anonymity

TOR allows you to remain truly anonymous and also allows you to freely navigate the Internet. On the other hand, the users are responsible for the behaviors that will violate the anonymity in question. 

The use of personal information or searching through TOR on common browsers may cause you to violate your privacy. To remain completely confidential, you can avoid choosing sites that use cookies and regularly clear your web searches or personal cookies.

Things to Consider When Using TOR

You don’t need to be careful when using TOR. Because TOR provides all the necessary privacy. However, if you want to be able to navigate the TOR forest more safely, there are things that you should know or just pay attention to. Cases that can be cited as examples of these things are:

  • Clicking on each link
  • Create a membership to sites that are not of interest to you
  • Downloading high-size files

Although the situations we mentioned are not prohibited or harmful, they may create sensitivity about your anonymity. For this reason, it is important that you also follow the general rules for staying safe on the Internet when using the TOR Project to get a better experience. You can take a look at other articles on the site to learn more about navigation tips on the Hidden Wiki or using TOR.   

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