How to Access Hidden Wiki?

One of the internet searches that has become popular again at different times is “How to Access Hidden Wiki?” is. Accessing the Hidden Wiki, which offers unlimited access to thoroughly free software, is quite simple. The Hidden Wiki, which you can log in to as part of your Tor download, is the number one way to access the internet securely and anonymously.

On the other hand, you can access the Hidden Wiki URL in many different ways. In general, the Google search engine is on top. It is said that you can log in to the Hidden Wiki by accessing the list of onion links. Yet, the search method in question will leave a digital footprint because it is traceable. Instead of this method, you can reach the Hidden Wiki link by following the approach found in the continuation of the article.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go, which can be called the general search engine of Tor, is an entirely secure entrance door. It allows you to access all Tor content and, thus, the Hidden Wiki. You can perform the Tor download process by logging in to the site via classic search engines. Then you can access the Hidden Wiki by following these steps:

  • Installation of Tor
  • Login to Tor with VPN if necessary
  • Introduction to the Duck Duck Go page
  • .onion links search

You can easily install Tor by following the installation steps. However, during these processes, you may need to use a VPN or reconfigure your privacy settings. When Tor is opened, you can usually access Duck Duck Go directly. But it may not appear when you log in. Don’t worry, and reach Duck Duck Go from the search section. In this way, you can enter the Hidden Wiki URL redirection.

Access to .onion Links

tor browser
How to access Hidden Wiki? Answer is so simple: Tor Browser

As it is known web sites with .onion domain names are logged in via Tor. Because there are no DNS records, Hidden Wiki also creates a field where you can search anonym. Go to Duck Duck Go to get the links in question. You can search by typing onion links in this area. In that way, you may find the original Hidden Wiki link in the lists.

Hidden Wiki updates its current address to prevent any security vulnerabilities. If you reach one of the old links, you can probably find a redirect to the new link on the site. So, it will be very effortless to access Hidden Wiki Url addresses. You can access the Hidden Wiki without leaving a trace on your computer by performing a link search on Duck Duck Go.

Providing Access to the Hidden Wiki on Mobile

Accessing Hidden Wiki links is not only possible on the desktop. You can access the platform on mobile as well as on a computer. To quickly access the Hidden Wiki uncensored on mobile, try the recommendations we have listed:

  • Download VPN to your phone
  • Install Tor on your phone
  • Provide the necessary permissions for Tor in your phone security settings

In just minutes, you can access Hidden Wiki links from your phone, regardless of whether it’s an iPhone or Android. After the installation process, you can still perform link research via Duck Duck Go. In addition, you can perform your searches uncensored via the platform. In short, you can access many resources that you may need for free via Hidden Wiki links.